As of this 4th of July the all-new has gone live and is now featuring a sexy new logo. And how fitting it is that it should launch on Independence Day, as it symbolizes a new chapter for this Orange California based design and marketing firm. That is because, in conjunction with the updated logo and site, Creative Director and Cofounder Alexander Meyer has gone full time with the company.

For the past 3 years M Theory Concepts has been a side venture of Alexander (Art Director at ML Kishigo) and Aaron Gonzalez (Sr. Production Artist at Oakley). But now we are shifting into top-gear as we turn this small but successful side project into a full blown design and development agency.

The site itself has seen a full redesign with our attention aimed at usability and aesthetically representing our brand and capabilities. You can expect frequent blogs chronicling our experiences, our discoveries, our clients, and any resource we feel will be valuable to our readers. We even plan on introducing a weekly podcast at some point in the future.

So please stay tuned as we continue to update and refine our site. As always, if you are interested in having us develop a solid identity or spiffy new website of your own, contact us for your free quote.

Thank you and we look forward to servicing the local and global community with stellar design far into the future!