New Agorist Beer Co.

Craft is a counter culture, with craft beer being at the core. At least that’s how we see it. New Agorist Beer Co. looks to crystalize this market movement by calling on the tried and true virtues of antiquity, and combining it with the disruptive nature of this budding industry and the emerging technologies that will continue to change the game in the future.

Brand Development

The corporate identity for New Agorist Beer Co. is an esoteric mix of ancient Greek lettering, with an icon paying homage to the counter-economic movement of the late 20th Century, dubbed “Agorism” in honor of the free and open markets of the Greco-Roman Agora.

Web Design

WordPress based
eCommerce Integration

Package Design

Bottle Labels
6-Pack Carriers
Keg Stencils
Tap Handles