11 Dimensions of M

We live in a universe of limitless variation & possibility.  The world of branding, advertising, marketing and web development is no different; therefore, it takes great measures for companies to diversify themselves within their industry – this is where we come in.  M Theory’s focus parallels the concept of our universe as a multi-dimensional interface with reality (for our non-uber-geek viewers, there are not 3 dimensions but 11 dimensions that are theorized to exist). Our ability to create multi-dimensional brands gives our clients the edge over those employing more archaic marketing models.

Building a successful brand requires more than just a good slogan, a catchy jingle, a cool logo or an interesting ad.  It is our unique ability to capture that perfect idea and translate it across all mediums, creating the qualified exposure companies need to flourish.

Multi-dimensional design and marketing, spanning all mediums.  This is what we do.


But what does the “M” stand for you ask?

There are of course, 11 dimensions to that answer.

1st Dimension = Master Theory

The awareness of the need for an integrated brand strategy across the various mediums best suited to achieve marketing goals.

2nd Dimension = Marketing Theory

The understanding of what efforts are most efficient for every marketing medium.

3rd Dimension = Multiplicity Theory

The focus on the end result of multiplying brand awareness, sales, website conversions or viral buzz based on the collaborative efforts of client and creators.

4th Dimension = Mindfulness Theory

The practice of taking the time to understand our clients, their needs, their industry and their target market to their fullest.

5th Dimension = Movement Theory

The necessity to stay atop the ever changing design, social, cultural and technological trends.

6th Dimension = Message Theory

The emphasis on tailoring the perfect message to achieve the desired results.

7th Dimension = Metric Theory

The discipline of monitoring, logging and analyzing data. Then subsequently making the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal campaign reach.

8th Dimension = Moxie Theory

The courage to develop cutting edge creative solutions that challenge existing paradigms, thereby developing true brand awareness.

9th Dimension = Material Theory

The practice of harnessing the right finished materials, such as employing the tactile to make a lasting impression, or utilizing the renewable to endear yourself to your target market.

10th Dimension = Marilyn Monroe Theory

The realization that true beauty combined with confidence is timeless, and timeless design is what should always be strived for.

11th Dimension = Merriment Theory

The perspective that the best work is created when you are having fun.