Meet The Talent

Aaron Gonzalez

Aaron Gonzalez

Principal & Co-Founder

Aaron is a professional paradox, perfectly balanced between left brained and right brained. As Principal and Designer for M Theory his internal balance is a microcosm of the outer. This manifests as a systematic, organized and logical go-getter – and a creative, uninhibited, non-conformist extrovert. All things which when calculated together equate to a design professional who is laser focused on clean design, finished quality and delivering on your every expectation.


Alexander Meyer

Alexander Meyer

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Alexander is the equal and opposite reaction in the M Theory equation. He lives in a reality of high creative entropy (chaos) where fresh ideas are forged. An outside observer may at times describe him as an introvert, but the fact is, if he isn’t raving about a new discovery he is lost in his reflection chamber conceptualizing a design or development solution. Would you expect any less from a Creative Director?


Talent Network & Affiliates

Talent Network & Affiliates

The M-Team

Surrounding the dual-core processor that powers M Theory lies a network of experience. It is with the symbiosis of our affiliates and network of experts that we are able to offer dynamic services encompassing all disciplines of marketing in a concerted and affordable fashion. A special thanks goes out to Kayzoe Web Marketing, Zak Duggan-West and Tylar Mueller who we work especially close with.

A Brief History of M Theory

  • M Theory Concepts Moves to the Next Level

    After nearly three years in operation, and many successful project later, owners Aaron and Alexander renew their commitment to the company by applying their collective experience to reinvigorate the M Theory brand and improve our business model for optimal efficiency and results.

    • is Launched

      A lobor of love for Alexander and Aaron, hits cyberspace. This marks a certain milestone for M Theory as it embodies the very type of work we dreamed of doing from the start, and for a company we have admired for decades no less.

    • M Theory Concepts Was Born

      On a warm night in August over a couple pints of Stella Artois at a restaurant in Orange California, best friends and polar opposites, Alexander and Aaron put the final touches on the plans that we're to become the creative think-tank now known as M Theory concepts. The world was changed forever.